Help protect yourself against HPV cancers

If you missed out on the HPV immunisation through the school based programme, you can still help protect yourself from HPV cancers by getting the vaccine at your doctor.

It’s not too late

If you have already been involved in sexual activity you may have already come into contact with HPV. However, it is unlikely that you will have been infected with all the 9 HPV types covered by the HPV vaccine. 

Also, only about 50% of people who have had HPV will develop the virus-fighting antibodies naturally - and even then it's not clear if those antibodies will be at sufficient levels to provide long-term protection.

HPV immunisation is FREE for women and men 26 and under.* 

For women 27-45 years old, the HPV vaccine costs around $190 per dose (course of 3 doses). However, costs can vary between clinics.

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